Route 2B bridge in St. Johnsbury, VT

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Abutment: Part of a substructure which supports the end of a span or accepts the thrust of an arch; often supports and retains the approach embankment.

Deck: The portion of the bridge that directly carries traffic.

Substructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the superstructure and distributes all bridge loads to below-ground bridge footings or piles.

Superstructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the deck and connects one substructure element to another.

Corrugated Steel Plate Arch: Lightweight galvanized buried structure (bolted together on-site) to efficiently support earth and traffic load.

MSE Walls: Mechanically stabilized earth wall system consisting primarily of concrete face panels, soil reinforcing strips, geotextile filter fabric, and engineered backfill material.

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